Blackout to Blessing

How the Perfect Love of Jesus Saved Me From the Highway to Hell

News Reporter by Day - Blackout Drunk by Night

Addictions are painfully packaged with paralyzing shame, and the horror of “coming to” after a marathon blackout is especially excruciating for women. Females who drink excessively are often labeled, easy, sleazy, desperate and needy – and commonly experience judgment that escapes men. These out-of-control drinkers may capably juggle professional jobs, homes, and families – but run endlessly on hamster wheels of fear, lies, and deception. Melissa Huray was such a woman – medicating fear and a gaping abandonment wound with uncontrolled drinking binges and an endless stream of empty relationships. After fifteen years spent searching for worldly answers, Melissa finally surrendered to the only One with any true saving power.

About Melissa Huray

Melissa Huray has dedicated the last two decades to helping people with addictions find freedom. Radically delivered by the Lord Jesus 20 years ago, she is a masters level addiction counselor with degrees in communications and exercise physiology. Through a series of divine appointments, in 2018 she was hired as Executive Director for the Lindell Recovery Network. Her many writing pieces have appeared in local magazines, Steve Bannon’s War Room forum, and in Charisma Media publications. Melissa’s memoir will be released in 2023 by Beaufort Books and a devotional book is scheduled for publication by BroadStreet books in 2024. Melissa Huray has appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast and is a frequent speaker who has presented at Hazelden, Minnesota Social Services Association, and many other conferences. She also served as an addiction treatment professional and advisor on the Minnesota DWI court panel in Duluth, MN.

Prior to entering the field of addiction recovery, Melissa was an on-air radio personality and Emmy award winning news reporter and anchor. She currently lives in the Twin Cities suburb of Lakeville with her husband Mike and has three daughters. Melissa is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ who enjoys reading, running, wordsmithing and singing.