1. How do you define addiction?

2.In what ways have you experienced addictive behavior?

3.Discuss the differences between being an atheist, an agnostic, and a believer.

4.What are your thoughts on seeking Jesus for addictions and life issues?

5.What barriers do you have – or did you have – to complete surrender in Jesus?

6.We all experience loneliness at some time or another. But we all deal with it differently. Discus the ways in which you can relate to Melissa’s journey.

7.In what ways was Melissa’s family dysfunctional? Discuss the role her family’s dysfunction played in her addiction.

8.We have all seen families we thought were perfect. Do you believe there are really any families without some level of dysfunction.

9.Discuss what was most important to you about your family of origin and what you try to bring to your family life.

10.Discuss which scene in the book was most poignant to you and why.

11.Melissa was raised with religion. Why do you think it took her so long to find her way back to Jesus?

12.Discuss the role of belief in our lives.

13.In this book, Melissa lets her readers into some of the darkest corners of her life. What do you think drove her to do this, and could you ever do the same?

14.Melissa did not join AA or find recovery in other remedies in the secular world. What did you see as her turning point?

15.Grace is a word Melissa uses when speaking of Jesus. Discuss what you see as grace and the role it plays in your life.

16.Melissa states, “There is a lot of financial interest involved with peddling the disease theory. Addiction is a ‘symptom’ of something underlying that needs to be addressed.” Discuss why you agree or disagree with this premise.

17.What helps you through the hard times? What sustains you?

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