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Melissa is a powerful and inspirational speaker whose presentations are meant to empower audiences.

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Why Addiction is Not a Disease and What this Means

Treating addiction as a disease creates dependence – on the drugs used as substitutes or to ameliorate cravings, on the counselors and medical care providers who monitor the addicted, on the systems in place to ensure that the income stream of what has become a huge business continues. What if faith and reconditioning could end addiction? Melissa Huray gives you the reasons and methods to make this happen.

The Power of a Kingdom Marriage Centered in Jesus

Despite a plethora of counselors, more than fifty percent of American marriages end in divorce. And of those marriages that do survive, many are the foundation of a dysfunctional family. Join Melissa Huray in a discussion of how a Kingdom Marriage Centered in Jesus can be a sustaining relationship that continues to grow and flourish.

Harnessing the Power of the Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? What should His role be in our lives? And how can we harness the power of Him? Join Melissa Huray for an inspirational, informative, and insightful discussion that will empower you to harness the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Nutrition, Exercise and the Addicted Brain

Both emotional and physical health are nurtured by good nutrition and regular exercise. Join Melissa Huray for a practical, informative, and inspirational discussion of how nutrition and exercise can help strengthen our addiction defenses.

Defending the God of the Bible, the Trinity, and the Deity of Jesus

We live in an age of secularism, an age in which many people are threatened by discussion of God, the Bible, the Trinity, and the Deity of Jesus. Where discussion of them can lead to cancellation or worse. Join Melissa Huray for an empowering discussion of what it takes and how best to defend God, the Bible, the Trinity, and the Deity of Jesus – and why doing so is an imperative.

Why is Christianity True?

With Christianity under assault, we often hear it compared to fairy tales, to fiction. But for many of us, it is Truth. Why is Christianity true? From where does it claim its veracity? Join Melissa Huray for an informative and inspiring discussion and let yourself be prepared to answer the question, Why is Christianity True.

Blackout to Blessing

How the Perfect love of Jesus Saved Me From the Highway to Hell