Exposing Islam’s Lies – Christian Convert Brings Stunning Presentation to Minnesota

“Shahram Hadian has been sounding the alarm for years, but Minnesotans aren’t really listening.

Like a prophet warning of coming destruction, for the past decade the Iranian-born Christian convert has patiently proclaimed the message of Islam’s covert intentions. Meantime, Minnesota has descended to the Land of 10,000 varieties of wickedness – a place where abortion is legal until birth and beyond, parental rights have disappeared, and men dressed in drag brazenly strut their barely concealed stuff in front of children at the state capitol in St Paul.

Jaw-droppingly wicked for sure, but to Hadian, there’s something even more insidious and increasingly accepted working in the land of Minnesota Nice. Partnership with Islam, something he identifies as a “rising menace to America.”

It’s known as the interfaith movement, and has spread like wildfire in recent years, benevolently presented as a harmless way to promote understanding among different religions and to facilitate acceptance. The goal is not conversion, and herein lies the problem for Hadian.

“What I cannot deny, is that when the true Gospel was preached to me, there was no common ground. The Holy Spirit revealed that there was one true God and everything else was false. He showed me that Islam was a dangerous lie with no God in it. Failing to present this to Muslims is deception.”

Interfaith approaches seem benign at the surface – sharing beliefs with Muslims, mixing and matching, finding points of agreement. Building bridges, rooting out similarities, and focusing on connecting points could be a pleasant way to assuage acrimony. Having any reaction outside of zealousness to sing Kumbaya with people of other faiths can quickly earn designation as an intolerant hater, speedily branding someone an Islamophobic racist. Hadian is quite familiar with how the growing movement can mislead unsuspecting victims through promises of unity.

“Interfaith practices are deceptively dangerous. They present as seekers of common ground, a common god, and ties to the Abraham of the Bible. None of this is true. The concepts actually came from the Quran and the Muslim Brotherhood. At the core, they deny everything it means to be a true Christian – the Trinity, the deity of Jesus – all while swearing allegiance to only one god – Allah. But if you dare say in Islamic circles that they’re operating under a spirit that opposes Christ, they lose their minds.”

Hadian could not deny the power he had encountered when his long-held understanding of Islam met Christianity with a resounding clash. He knew one way had to be false, and diluting the life-saving truth of Jesus Christ became inconceivable.

“This is what convicted me. This is why I am so committed to this. We’re talking about defending the Gospel. Because if I deny the Trinity, I am denying the Gospel. If I deny Jesus is Lord or that he is God who came in the flesh, there is no power in that.”

Hadian is passionate about the truth and never would have abandoned Islam if some watered-down salvation plan had been presented – one that denied the only option with supernatural saving power.

“When I finally heard the Christian Gospel I realized it was in direct opposition to Islam. The very fundamental thing that Islam claims about itself is that Muhammad the “prophet” was sent to correct Christians. I was hearing that Christianity actually teaches that Jesus is God! Muslims do not believe this. Every single thing I learned with Christianity was the opposite of Islamic teachings. You come to the point where you have to go, where is the common ground?”

Christians believe the God-inspired words of the Bible possess unique power, and hearing the heart-piercing message of Jesus Christ brought radical transformation to Shahram Hadian’s life. After fleeing to the U.S, decades passed before he finally encountered someone bold enough to share Jesus. By that time, his disillusionment with Islamic practices was at an all-time high.

“I was very disgruntled by Islam as I witnessed how it was destroying Iran. If you look at history, wherever Islam goes, you see chaos. You see anarchy, you see destruction. And that’s the message I’ve tried to bring to America, and to places like Minnesota when I’m watching it being taken over. I left Islam because I heard the true Gospel preached, not the woke version. People don’t get saved by a powerless Gospel. Do we seek common ground with others who deny the real Jesus, like Satanists for example? No, we do not,” says Hadian.

Since then, he’s been exposing Islamic lies and passionately fighting for the God who saved him. Hadian forcibly opposes Western messaging which presents Islam as a peaceful religion, and believes God has called him to expose Islam’s true goal – to dismantle Christianity.

“Describing Islam as a religion of peace is a fallacy. There is a hidden agenda most Westerners know nothing about. And please hear me, I’m not blanketing all Muslims. Many are beautiful, peaceful people. I’m just describing what the ideology teaches and how it has operated for 1400 years. I know, I lived it.”

Hadian is preparing for his 21st trip to Minnesota next week. He says some of his biggest opposition has been right here at home – from interfaith groups themselves, working in tandem with Muslims in an effort to shut his message down.

So why the intense pressure to coalesce? Hadian believes that Muslims are seeking common ground with Christians to further advance causes to dislocate Judeo-Christian religions and their societies. Embracing a multifaith belief system earns a

measure of respect, says Hadian, and even support from many ignorant Christians and Jews who are lacking in biblical understanding.

“Many people are just asleep while their states are being taken over,” he says.

Though he has faced criticism and backlash from some circles, Hadian believes that defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ and exposing hidden Islamic agendas is a hill he is willing to die upon.

“When God has worked in your own life and in your own testimony, it’s impossible to deny what he has done. You just can’t keep quiet about it,” Hadian says.

Shahram Hadian will bring his One World Religion Rising – Contend for Christ presentation to Minnesota August 15th through the 17th. Join him at Bethel’s Rock Church at 7 p.m. on August 16th, 14201 Cedar Avenue, Apple Valley, MN 55124. Go to his official website for other Minnesota events and ministry updates. www.tilministry.com

Written by Melissa Huray, Executive Director of the Lindell Recovery Network and co-host of the Hope Report. www.melissahuray.com

Melissa Huray has dedicated the past two decades to helping people find freedom from the chains of addiction. Radically delivered by Jesus Christ 20 years ago, she is a master’s level licensed addiction counselor with degrees in communications and exercise physiology and is currently Executive Director of the Lindell Recovery Network and co-host of the Hope Report. Prior to entering the field of addiction recovery, Melissa was an Emmy award winning news reporter, anchor, and on-air radio personality. Her addiction memoir, Blackout to Blessing, will be released this fall by Beaufort Books, and her second book – a devotional for addicts – is set for release in the fall of 2024 by BroadStreet Publishing. Melissa lives in MInnesota in the Twin Cities suburb of Lakeville with her husband Mike and has three daughters.